Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Number Patterns

You are issued with the set of handouts, which include a set of exercises (Q1 to Q8).

Refer to the following post to learn how to solve Question 1, in particular, how the steps are being presented.

Try Question 2 to Question 8 on your own first - we'll discuss them when school reopens.

Meanwhile, each of you is assigned a Question to show how you approach the question.
(Refer to the Handout given).
Complete it and post it in the Maths blog according to the instructions printed on the handout.
To be posted in the blog by 4 September 2013 (Wednesday) 2359h

For Question 8, here's an extension to the question:

After you have attempted Question 8, you may click HERE to check your answers.Note: As mentioned in class, there are several ways to get the answer. Your method might be shorter or different from what's being put up here.

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