Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Trends in Singapore Population - The Population Pyramid

Click at the following link to view the "Trends in Population"from Y2000 to Y2012


Here's how the visual representation looks like (image)

The comment at the end of the visual:
Singapore's population has grown older over the years. The age pyramid shows the population ageing since 2000, with the number of residents in the older age groups increasing significantly. The median age of the resident population rose from 34.0 years in 2000 to 38.4 years in 2012.

Inaugurated in January 2011, the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) strives to achieve a sustainable, connected and integrated population for Singapore. NPTD drives the coordination and implementation of population and talent policies across Government agencies. These include policies in the areas of population augmentation, supporting marriage and parenthood, talent attraction and retention, immigration and naturalisation, integration of newcomers, and engaging overseas Singaporeans.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Minister%27s_Office_%28Singapore%29

As a team, after viewing the animated visual representation,
discuss, what are other information can we draw out from the population pyramid that NPTD would find useful in its planning and policy implementation?

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  1. Johanna Lim Ziyun, Group 1:
    We can see and infer that there are more females than males over the years. Over the last few years, there is an increase in older people and the birth rate is decreasing rapidly.

    As the years go by, Singapore's population will continue depleting due to the lack of birth rates. When the older generation dies, Singapore's population would thus, decrease as there is no younger generation to take over.

  2. Group 4:
    We feel that when the mean age of Singapore citizens is increasing and it is a worrying fact even though the year of the Dragon has about "more" childrens than the other years. Although the numbers don't seem so important, we think that if this goes on, the population of Singapore will decrease more since we are already having the aging population.

  3. Axel, Group 3
    The population is increasing (duh). And there are more adults than the amount of children. This is why our government is encouraging us to have more children as soon the older batch will pass away and the population will drop

  4. Ray, Group 2

    From observing the video, we can tell that the population of Singapore has been growing, but the total population of the younger generation is smaller than the total population of the older generation.

    This results in an aging population, where there is less and less people are born to take the place of the older generation. This could eventually lead to Singapore's population drastically decerasing in size.