Tuesday, 16 July 2013

On your own...

A set of graphs are put up in the website of the Department of Statistics Singapore:
Reference: http://www.singstat.gov.sg/statistics/visualising_data/visualising_data.html

However, these graphs are not accompanied by any description.
Here are some charts that would be of the public interest:
  1. Exchange Rate (S$/US$) (end period)
  2. International Visitor Arrivals
  3. Trends in International Visitor Arrivals by Country of Residence
  4. International Telephone Call Minutes
  5. Number of Births and Deaths
  6. Mean Years of Schooling
  7. Educational Attainment
  8. Resident Population 

Your task:
  • Interpret the graph (that you are assigned to)
  • Write a short a paragraph to provide the reader an overview of the information presented. It should not be less than 20 words

Submission of Work:
  • Subject title: (e.g.) International Visitor Arrivals (done by Nimalan, Group 5)
  • The posting should have a screen capture of the graph (available in the website)
  • Key in the paragraph below the image
  • Include the URL at the end of the paragraph.
To be submitted by Tuesday 16 July 2013 (2359h)

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