Sunday, 31 March 2013

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Data Handling

I think the pie chart does not fit.

This pie chart cannot show the place and time of the weather.

Data Handling:Choice of Graphs by Darie

This is the one I think is inappropriate because if there are a lot of information to show,we cannot draw all the suns and cloud as it would be a waste of time.Compared to other graphs,the other graphs are straight forward even though the picture makes it easier to understand .

Monday, 25 March 2013

Math Remedial (26Mar)

The following students who scored 50% or less in the recent Level 1 test are to attend remedial:
1. Daris
2. Crane
3. Jia Wei
4. Javier
5. Sean Lim

Date: 26 March 2013
Time: 2-3pm
Venue: S101 Classroom

Data Handling Task 1: Choice of Graphs by Lim Yu Xuan

I think that the pie chart is the most inappropriate.
  It is in degrees and people who sees would have to calculate to know the exact number. At the bottom left hand corner of the pie chart it says that the numbers in the chart is rounded off to the nearest whole number so it is also not accurate.
The other three charts are appropriate as the numbers are accurate and they use the exact number so people would not have to work it out.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by Mah Teng Chong, Kenneth

This type of graph is not appropriate for this data as the data simply shows the number of different types of weather. It does not show a number over time which line graphs are commonly used for. The other graphs are used to show the numbers of a certain object, item or name which can be used in this context.

Graph activity

I find this piechart inappropriate as it has nothing to do with angles and we cannot see how many countries is the chart out of.

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by Li Ying

I think that the pie chart is inappropriate to show the statistics of the weather. Firstly, the numbers are in angles, so we do not know the exact number of countries (in this case). So, you cannot tell how many countries are there and how many of them have the certain kind of weather.

Le data task handling- choice of graphs by Shaun

1. The graph which is not appropriate is the pie chart.

2. Its not appropriate as it uses angles to represent a number, plus, the percentage and country isn't given, this makes it hard for the viewer to decipher the info given.

March Holidays Self-Directed Learning

What I think is all the charts are appropriate, but using the pie chart to compare with the line graph, I would think that the pie chart is not appropriate.

using the angles you can find the number of places provided you have the total numbers of places. You can use the number divide it by 360 degree then multiply by the wanted degrees.

the chart is supposed to show the statistics over a period of time. But in this pie chart you cannot see the desired period of time frame.

Data-handling:Choice of Graphs by Javier Tay

 Data Handling Task 1

I think that the pie-chart(only in this case) is inappropriate to show the statistics of the weather as the pie-chart only states what is the angle in each section instead of percentage, making it rather vague. The same results can be obtained by only stating the angle, but the reader still has to work out what is the percentage, making it frustrating to look at.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by Kiang Jia Ming Kenneth (17)

I think that this pie chart is inappropriate as it does not show the exact number of countries that have the different weather, neither do we know the percentage. However, we will still be able to roughly estimate the percentage and will be able to at least know how much countries have the different weathers.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Data Handling : Choice of Graphs by Axel

I think the pie chart is inappropriate for this situation as the pie chart just says the degrees and although you have an estimate of which are larger in numbers, you do not know the exact number immediately.

02_Self Directed Learning_Statistics

I think that the line graph is inappropriate for this situation.
This is because line graphs are used to show data that changes overtime, but in this situation, the motive to make the graph is to see the number of different weathers, not the change overtime or whatever.
The bar graphs are correct because they are used to compare facts and see relationships quickly, therefore is suitable. Pie charts show the overal of everything so when it is okay to put them together into a pie chart. Pictograms show the units of the number of the weather.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

March holidays self directed learning by Augustine

I think that the wrong way to show information is the line graph as it is supposed to show 1 statistic over a period of time and not multiple statistics and conditions

The other 3 ways are correct as they can be used to show multiple statistics.

Mathematics Workbook Questions

Data Handling: Choice of graph by :Donovan Neo

I would say the pie chart is inappropriate because it shows the degree of each part. It doesn't show the exact number of places which have that certain weather condition.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by Johanna Lim Ziyun

I think that out of the four ways to show information, the pie chart is not appropriate to represent the information. 
Firstly, the pie chart only has angles of the 5 types of weather and it is not really helpful as we are not able to tell how many countries are having this type of weather, we are only able to tell that Sunny (in this case) is the weather that most countries are having. 
Secondly, the pie chart does not show how many countries have the type of weather. 

The rest of the graphs are appropriate to showcase the information as the other graphs can relay the information clearly and it is vivid, not vague like the pie chart. The other graphs are able to show how many countries are having this weather and they are able to show the most common and least common weather among the countries more clearly. 

self-directed learning

  The line graph is not used to show the number of different variable ( in this case the kind of temperature in the country ) , but the change of a single variable over time . The other graphs ,bar graphs , pie charts and the pictograms are used to show the amount of the different kind of variables and are thus appropriate for showing the number of countries with specific weathers.

Data handling

This pie graph doesn't show much of information . As you can see the pie graph only shows you the angles of the pie chart , but it is not telling you how much percentage it have unless you calculate it yourself . And the colours that represent the weather is hard to tell as the colours looks almost the same, the pie chart also doesn't tell you which country is having a thunderstorm or a shower or a sunny day.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by : Sean Lim :3

Well, I personally think that the line graph is not appropriate...

Line graphs are supposed to represent the changes of a certain variable throughout a period of time, not the 'amount of weather throughout the weathers'. >< haha...

What I am trying to say is that the cause and the effect meaning of the X and the Y axis has been fixed, so if we use the line graph like what is shown above, the meaning changes and therefore this is not suitable. Well, after I looked at other peoples' answers (I kiasu lah><) , I feel that the angles are necessary to tell us the majority of the specific type of weather, so therefore i think that the line graph is the least appropriate.

The other graphs all register the message clearly, stating that the weather throughout the region was sunny, unlike the line graph, which did state that it was sunny, but in the wrong way.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by Nikisha :3

The Chart that is Not Appropriate: Pie Chart ^-^

Why: The pie chart does not display te number of cities that have a specific weather condition - it just shows the angle which is not exactly useful.

Why the Other 3 are Appropriate: 
All 3 of them simply and effectively display the needed information - the number of cities having a certain weather condition. 

Data Handling: Choice of Graphs by Ray Chua!

Ace Learning weather map link:

Pictograms, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Line Graphs

(Note: You need to be logged into Ace Learning to access this link.)

Among the 4 graphs (Line Graph, Bar Graph, Pictograms, Pie Charts), which one is NOT appropriate to represent the information?

Answer: The Pie Chart is not appropriate to represent the information.

Reason: The way the Pie Chart represents the information makes it difficult for the viewer to find out which weather is the most common in the region as the viewer has to look at the Legend before looking at the information displayed in order understand the information.

Why are the rest of the Graphs appropriate to represent the information?

Answer: The Line Graph, Bar Graph and Pictogram displays the information already labeled, thus the viewer can easily tell which weather is the most common in the region without having to consult a legend before hand.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Math File Check (Selected Students)

The following students have been randomly selected for file check by the Mathematics Department:
Index no 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 & 21.

1. Are all the content pages included?
2. Was content page for topic 2 signed?
3. Did I complete all my corrections?

Please ENSURE that your file is in order and ready by 13Mar (Wed) in class before your Math lesson.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Math File Check

Please bring your Math file to class by 4Mar. You should have
1. completed the filing and corrections.
2. content page 2 acknowledged by your parent.