Saturday, 16 February 2013

Remedial: Real Numbers

The following students are selected for remedial on topic 'Real Numbers'.
1. Augustine Yap
2. Javier Tay
3. Kang Shiqiang
4. Jeron
5. Sean Lim
6. Daris Ker
7. Dawn Lim
8. Shaun Tan

Date: 19Feb
Time: 2-3pm
Venue: 109 classroom


  1. Ms Lim, I am not able to make it for 19 Feb remedial class. I have my SYF Choir Rehearsal on that day from 1215 to 1515 at the SOTA concert hall. Is there a make up class?

  2. Hi Dawn

    You can look for me separately to clear any doubts you have on Wednesday after school.

  3. Ms Lim I dun think I can make it to ...