Monday, 25 February 2013

Revision Topic 2 (Real Number)

The solution is published in Math Google Site under your class. Here is the link.

The correct answer for Q18 should be 1.79 (to 2 dec places).

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Submission of VIVA VOCE Practice 1

The following students have not submitted the above project which was due on 27 Jan 2013.
1. Jeron Kor Kin Peng
2. Ng Wei Jie
3. Javier Tay
4. Chong Yong Liang (URL posted in the google form is wrong)

Multiple reminders have been made in class. If you still have not submitted by 25Feb, you are to stay back in school on 26Feb to complete it. Please consult your ICT teacher if you encounter any difficulty (eg uploading it).

Reminder for the rest who have submitted: Please make sure it is not a private video in YouTube as I would not be able to view it.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Remedial (Real Numbers II) on 26Feb 2-3 pm

The following students are to attend remedial on Real Numbers. Please complete the remedial worksheet ahead of time. For further practice, I strongly suggest you do the questions in your workbook and exam prep booklet.
1. Shiqiang
2. Daris
3. Chua Shuei Ray
4. Nikisha
5. Jin Wei
6. Augustine
7. Javier
8. Yang Teng
9. Yong Liang

Date: 26Feb
Time: 2-3 pm
Venue: 101 classroom

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Remedial: Real Numbers

The following students are selected for remedial on topic 'Real Numbers'.
1. Augustine Yap
2. Javier Tay
3. Kang Shiqiang
4. Jeron
5. Sean Lim
6. Daris Ker
7. Dawn Lim
8. Shaun Tan

Date: 19Feb
Time: 2-3pm
Venue: 109 classroom

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Universal Studio,Singpore--Yang Teng

Exact figures:
 24 attractions
 7 themed zones
 1castle from the world of Shrek and Monster Rock
 20 unique retail stores
 $10(SGD)14-21February(rides not operating)
 5 roller coasters 
 2 water rides

Approximate Figures:
20 hectares
2 years of construction 

Approximation and Exact Values - By Kenneth Kiang

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Approximation - Singapore Flyer by Axel

Approximated Figures
- Each ride is 30 minutes
- 42 stories high
- Each capsule can hold 28 people

Exact Figures
- 28 air-conditioning capsules
- A total height of165 meters

Garden by the Bay :3 by Sean Lim

Approximate Figures
-It drew more than 70 entries submitted by 170 firms, from over 24 countries, including 35 from Singapore.
-Over 10,000 people visited and over 700 gave good feedback.

(*Points are in bold XD)

Exact Figures
-An 11-member Jury comprising local and international experts shortlisted eight teams and two winners were announced.
-An overwhelming majority of 85% of those who were surveyed liked the features in the master plans.
-Bay South gardens broke ground in November 2007, signalling the commencement of the garden's development.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Gardens by the Bay by Li Ying

Exact Figures:
-Opened to public on 29 June 2012 (Bay South Garden)
-Opens at 5am to 2am daily.

Approximate Figures:
-Supertrees range between 25 and 50 metres.
-Cloud Forest is about 1000 to 3000 metres above sea level.

Poster on Singapore Zoo - Dawn Lim

Approximated Numbers: '...More than 2800...' and '...Over 1.6 million...'
Exact Numbers: '...Our 26-hectare...' and '...9 time winner...'

Math Poster

Here is the poster...

  Here are the 4 points:

'nearly two decades ago'.
'catchment area from half to two-thirds'.

'catchment area from half to two-thirds'.
'10,000 hectares of water'.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

the art and science museum singapore

Universal Studios by Johanna Lim Ziyun

math brochure

Activity3 - Changi Airport

Exact and Approx. Figures by Nikisha :3

Exact Figures: 
~ 5 Elephants
~13 Otter Species
~ $22

Approx. Figures:
~ More than 2, 800 animals
~ Over 1.6 million visitors
~ Over 300 species of animals

Math Homework

Singapore Science Center.

Exact Figures: 14 galleries, 3 zones and 2 facilities.

Approximate Figures: Over 80 exhibitions, an additional 20,000mof      outdoor exhibition space and more than 29.5 million students and visitors.

marina barrage

     Marina Barrage specifications...
             Exact numbers: the length of the dam is 350m
                                       It is the 15th reservoir of Singapore.
             Approximate numbers:  the catchment area is approximately: 10000ha
                                           The surface area is approximately 240ha

Sorry for the messy presentation....


Labrador Nature Reserve

Approximate figures: 60 Bird Species, 14 Fish Species
Exact Figures: 11 Mangrove Species, 11 Butterfly Species

Activity 3-Donovan

Singapore flyer

Approximate figures:
constructed in 2005-2008
it reaches 42 storeys high

Exact figures:
total height of 165 m
it comprises of a 150 m diameter wheel

Approximation: Digital Poster as Singapore Ambassador

Possible Attractions to consider
3      Singapore EXPO
6      Chinatown

Universal Studios Singapore is 20 hectares (49 acres) in size, occupying the easternmost part of the 49-hectare (120-acre) Resorts World Sentosa.

Yang Teng